Tai Lin

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About Me

 I was born in Taiwan. Currently live in NJ and work in NYC. I've been studying oil painting at National Academy School of Fine Arts, Art Student League and FIT.

  Painting portrait is a great experience to me, you get to see the person, the charactor, the personality...It's like trying to read a book through the model's eyes, wrinkles, facial expressions, hair color....Although there's not much communication through words, but the person's life is all written on the face and gesture.  Human figure is another greate challenge. How to see and mix the skin tone..and trying to see the beauty regardless of the shape,age and so called "imperfection",, To me, there is always something beautiful about it. Something poetic and real about human body. . When there's nothing to hide, the person becomes who he/she really is. No attitude, no pretence. It's just the way it is, and it's powerful and BEAUTIFUL.....


Shows (selected):

Lincoln Center-Cork Gallery

National Academy Museum

CB gallery-Provincetown,MA

Leslie-Lohman gallery-NYC

Casa Frela gallery-NYC

Windham Fine Arts gallery-Windham, NY